The Cuneo family, originally from La Maddalenaconsists of Anselmo, Annalia and their three children, Marco, Francesco and Nicola. For about thirty years, Anselmo has been working in the field of marine transport, always providing the best possible service with competence and friendliness.

Driven by entrepreneurial initiative, in 1983 Anselmo decided to start a boat storage business in "Ponte di Caprera". In 1994, this was expanded to a more ambitious and innovative project for the island, with the development of the Marina, originally with 130 with chained mooring buoys.

A great positive response throughout the following years ensured a lot of hard work but immense satisfaction. Later, always driven by his entrepreneurial vision Anselmo, who had identified the business advantages in the strategic and unique location of the "Passo della Moneta", converted the Marina into an enlarged floating dock structure.

Thus were created the existing 140 berths we have today, equipped with all facilities.

Currently, Annalia, Anselmo and Nicola are engaged in the management and operation of the facility with the support of a valid and reliable team.

The family tradition, grounded in long experience, passion and genuine friendly attitude, has sustained the establishment of a distinguished enterprise in the nautical sector, achieving significant milestones and a high qualitative standard.


To guarantee the best service and assistance

for your boat.


The Cuneo Family.

The Port of Marina del Ponte located in the archipelago of La Maddalena offers boat mooring services

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